What Is A Speedlight Flash

Last updated on February 16th, 2020 at 05:42 pm

What Is A Speedlight Flash(VIDEO)

A Speedlite is simply a small battery-powered flash that is designed to work both on & off-camera. Speedlights have grown in popularity even among studio professionals because of their small size, lightweight and quick set-up.

What Is A Speedlight Flash(VIDEO)

The term “Speedlight” was actually used by Nikon in the 1960s.
It was used to describe Nikon flashes that weren’t built into the camera.

Canon quickly adopted a variation by spelling the word this way – Speedlite and today most companies refer to their standalone camera mounted portable flashes using one of those two terms.

Just like the film cameras of the 1960s, the original on-camera flash units were manual – always putting out the same amount of light. Vivitar released units like this 283 which was one of the early Automatic flashes that worked by using a sensor mounted on the front of the flash.

Then as technology progressed, TTL flashes became commonplace. TTL stands for through the lens and means that the camera monitors and controls the flash to give you the proper exposure for your scene. And now companies like Yongnuo have reverse engineered the more expensive Nikon and Canon flashes to make speedlights very affordable if you are willing to sacrifice some of the build quality.

TTL – flash. The second way to control flash exposure is as an automatically controlled burst of light. This flash output can either be controlled by the flashgun itself (usually called Auto mode), or by the camera in conjunction with the camera’s metering system (usually called TTL flash).


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