Travel Photography Tips

Last updated on April 18th, 2020 at 08:38 am

Travel Photography Tips


Travel Photography Tips

Include people in your frames

Try to feature local people rather than tourists. People buying their daily paper, selecting flowers at the market, having coffee at the outdoor cafe. If you have time for doing some street photography, pick a spot and wait, something interesting will happen. The human element always adds interest to your images.

Create a photo story

Start by taking a wide shot of an antique market to set the stage, then shoot a few close-ups of items for sale, people exchanging money, children laughing, the old man smoking a pipe. These are the travel images that will make your photo album more memorable and unique.

Food Photography

Practice your food photography on location. Get a table by a window at the restaurant, turn off that awful flash. Shoot the local cuisine, then enjoy your meal.

Pick a theme or two each day

This will help keep you focused and you won’t feel so overwhelmed by trying to capture it all in one day. Feel free to change your theme if you discover something more interesting. My point is that when you discover a new place, it’s impossible to absorb everything in a few days.

Travel Light

Carry just one camera and one lens because that perfect shot will inevitably happen while you are switching lens, and you’ll miss it. Ever time you change your lens outdoors, the dust gets on the sensor. Want to travel light using only the 50mm lens all day, you have feet and they make a great zoom.

Travel Photography Tips

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