Lines Direction And Distance In Photography

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Lines Direction And Distance In Photography

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Lines are avenues for the eyes. they show directions and distance, they describe the edges of shapes and define boundaries. They can also convey the impression of action or force.

Lines are very important in photography, for they can lead viewers to the centre of interest in your photographs.

Photographers often use lines to create a sense of depth in an otherwise flat, two-dimensional surface.

This impression of depth is strongest when parallel lines recede towards a point on the horizon, as they do in the photo shown here of Golden Gate Bridge.

Lines Direction And Distance In Photography

Lines Direction And Distance In Photography

Notice lines of direction and distance

These lines do more than create a sense of perspective. They lure the viewer towards that far away point, and any object that appears at or near that juncture will be perceived as important.


The distant tower on the bridge, for example, becomes a stronger element than its relatively small size would seem to suggest.

Hard-edged, well-defined lines have the strongest visual impact. They are also the easiest for the beginning photographers to recognise and explore.

Curving lines usually convey a softer, more graceful feeling, as in the spiralling lines of the nautilus shell shown here.


Lines Direction And Distance In Photography

Lines Direction And Distance In Photography

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In composition with several elements, lines can pull our eyes from one form to another or provide a visual connection between objects that are usually considered unrelated.

Lines also give us vital clues about the direction of a force or action.

The angle at which light hits an object can emphasise or even create lines.

Photography Composition-Line

By- The Art of Photography

Create 5 different images experimenting with different aspects of lines. Try to make these as minimal as possible to really bring out the emphasis on using lines.

You’re going to create 5 different images using:

  • Vertical Lines
  • Horizontal Lines
  • Diagonal Lines
  • Organic Lines
  • Implied Lines

The implied will likely be the most difficult and the one that will take the most thought. I recommend you work with people as this will be the most obvious, but if you want to up the difficulty a little, try using still objects.



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