101 Lightroom Portrait Presets


Last updated on January 23rd, 2020 at 03:40 am

101 Lightroom Portrait Presets

The professional photographer Rachel Devine has created an amazing collection of tools to enhance the overall impact of your portrait images.

101 Lightroom Portrait Preset contains seven unique collections that have different styles along with a specially designed Touch-Up kit that has 36 creative brushes to improve lips, eye shadow, eyes, skin and the background of the image as well.

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This kit is famous for its creative art series that can help you mimic the portraits with an appealing cinematic look while adjusting the highlight, grain, brightness, white balance, contrast and sharpness of the images as well.

There are countless options for image enhancement that can be used by amateur enthusiasts and professional photographers as well.


101 Lightroom Portrait Presets


Incredible Features of 101 Lightroom Portrait Presets:

  • Efficient workflow

You will be happy to hear that these portrait presets can be used on both RAW and JPEG images, and they can save much of your time. It is possible to speed up the post-processing routines by using these well designed presets that work on 100’s of images altogether.

  • Creative control

It is possible to tweak all your portrait images in a magical way with some of the best presets. They can help you achieve fully satisfying results for every editing so that you can deliver the exact message with your image collections.

  • Consistent adjustments

With 101 Lightroom Portrait Preset, it becomes easier to apply consistent adjustments to manage lighting details on every bundle of photographs. Combining batch processing abilities with a wide range of presets not only ensures faster results but at the same time, it can provide consistent changes in your images.

  • Satisfactory organization

This creative portrait preset package can save your time with its ability to handle large batches of images with ease. It allows users to catalogue a wide range of photos and organize them in an easy to access manner. You can apply all changes with cleaner access to details right from the preliminary stages to the print-ready, final image.

  • Simple interface

With this, professionally designed portrait presets, you can enjoy many easy to apply tweaks. All that you need to do is, install this preset portrait package on your Lightroom and soon it will sit on the leftmost margin of your editing program.

It is easier to access various tools from the drop-down menu to apply changes for different image elements.




  • It can help you save much time with streamlined controls.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • Ensure professional like portrait editing.


  • Beginners may find editing little tough at first.

Are you interested in adding a pop into all your portrait images with professionally designed editing tools; it is the right time to invest in 101 Lightroom Portrait Presets.

This tool is impressive and creative enough to ensure perfect results for enhancements of all minute details in images. You can buy this package by paying only $49 and enjoy awesome controls with 60 days money-back guarantee.

Indeed, it is worth trying.


With this pack you’ll be able to:

  • Save time getting your portraits looking just right
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Use the presets the professionals use to create stunning images
  • Give your photos an instant “pop”
  • Take advantage of 67 different presets and 36 different portrait brushes for touching up images.

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After using this Lightroom Presets, we will be more than happy to hear from you by submitting your photos, and they will be published here.

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